Thursday, April 16, 2009

Internet Safety "Doing"

I decided to share some of the information I learned with my mom. She is LDS and uses the internet quite frequently for different things. It was very easy to remember all of the things I had learned and I was able to easily share them with her. I shared with him mostly some of the tips I read in articles. I liked hearing things from an LDS perspective so it was good to share those talks. I also recapped some of the video clips I watched. As she raised us she always did many of the things that I shared with her but it was a good reminder. She agreed with all of the things that I shared about avoiding dangers on the internet. She thought that it was very important for children to learn how to stay safe because they are often victims online and the internet is such a big part of their lives now a days. I enjoyed the opportunity of getting to teach someone else the valuable things that I have learned. I think it is important to share internet safety to everyone so that we can keep as many people safe as possible.

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